Overlinking-1In today’s rapidly changing markets, businesses regularly encounter the following barrier to discovering, evaluating, procuring and negotiating ICT products services

  • Non-competitive negotiations
  • Long sourcing cycles
  • Unnecessary maintenance contracts
  • Higher purchase price & variance to contracted rates
  • Increased supply and financial risk


120px-Gnumeric.svg Small business owners can seek solutions to their business challenges and have access to thousands of innovative vetted vendors to address those challenges by industry specific products, verified service providers, and unbiasedly trusted advisors for continuous & autonomous cost optimization process across their organisation locations.

For large enterprise, we can help you establish new service or upgrade to better service. We work as an extension of your ICT (Voice, Communications, IT, Telecom, Cloud, SaaS) department giving them support on managing your digital services. We can place orders on your behalf and carry out all activities including (MACs) moves, adds, and changes. This releases your valuable admin resources saving them time to concentrate on their core activities. Intellibuzz Procurement assists enterprises maximize competition & savings of their ICT spend.

Intellibuzz has several curated partners and has a huge database of optimum market pricing and contract terms, we draft & run RFPs for ICT services and deliver comprehensive negotiated, executable contracts which are customized to enterprises requirements. Need new service – or need to compare? With one call to us, we will review your needs vs. the services offered by many carriers.

  • Voice, Video, Data, E1/T1
  • Cloud, SaaS, Infra
  • Long Distance
  • POTS, WiFi, Networking
  • VoIP/SIP
  • Mobile & Mobility services
  • All other ICT and Digital products

Intellibuzz Sourcing Process

If this is the time to add digital services or review your current contracts then we would suggest you contact us to determine if there are opportunities to cut telecom costs and operate more efficiently in the process


Nuvola_apps_kcalcIntellibuzz procurement capabilities can help you get control of your ICT spend and implement high value service contracts. We provide sourcing and negotiation support for a wide range of ICT categories from global vendors, solution providers & networks and equipment to outsourced services like ICT expense management and call center management. Leveraging deep subject matter expertise, powerful sourcing technologies and access to leading analyst research, benchmarks and insight, we can help you drive savings and improve the management of your telecom spend.


  • Provide full value from telecom contracts since Intellibuzz purchasing ensures compliance with contract terms
    •    Updates the inventory as per the changing technology to benefit enterprises telecom goal.
    •    To set up the approval chain for any procurement
    •    Turnkey solution for telecom infrastructure for new offices, branches or set upsintellibuzz sourcing strategy

Are you paying TOO MUCH for Cloud, Connectivity, Voice or Data?
We instantly compare hundreds of ICT providers, operators and vendor companies to find YOU the lowest prices and best internet deals.


Voice & bandwidth rates vary tremendously. Usually, it’s tariffs that add up to make your telecom bill much higher than it should be. Our rapid search capability speed searches our database that includes every major telecom service provider. This includes hundreds of channel partners, resellers and carriers with highly competitive rate plans. We find YOU the best deals at the lowest prices.

We make buying telecom quick and easy. Instantly locate and compare the best deals
• Compare rates from your phone or tablet
• Get quotes from the most competitive providers
• Track line provisioning status from your phone, tablet

Perfect for businesses and advanced users. We make choosing the right telecom package a breeze with intelligent, easy-to-use knowledge and video base. Now you can get the very lowest rates across the country on
• Internet Leased Lines, Bandwidth, MPLS & more
• ISDN PRI, BRI, Toll-free, Centrex & more

The fastest way for small business owners to acquire the pieces necessary to run an exceptional business.