settingsWhile managing fixed and mobile telecom services, enterprises do not have visibility into what they are currently paying for wireless services. They do not have an accurate plan as per usage, and they are unprepared for the proliferation of smart phones. Most enterprises adopt unlimited data plans who do not come close to consuming enough data. No provider will assist to know usage for unlimited plans. Manually managing the analysis of plans and migration to more appropriate plans for thousands of users, connections and cicruits across number of locations can be a very outsized task. Service providers changes plans, features and prices to be competitive, you may no longer have the best plans for your current business circumstances.


120px-Dialog-apply.svgAs part of our Telecom & Wireless Management services, Intellibuzz offers an optional Mobile Rate Plan Management service. Our team not only negotiates with vendors and service providers to ensure that maximum refunds are received, but also uses its industry contact within telecom circles to get the most optimum plan for your organization, and help to custom design the solution for high-efficiency low-rate plans

Intellibuzz Telecom Expense Reduction produce savings upto 33% or more and requires NO carrier changes.


120px-Nuvola_apps_korganizerIntellibuzz not just recommends, but also implements end-to-end the Savings Strategies at your company with proactive management of your voice, data and mobile spending. This includes active role in vendor negotiation, ensuring verification of rate plan changes, new solution installation, liasioning with your vendor for low-cost-algorithm implementation in your telecom environment, and more. That is the real value-add: less words, more results.

Optimization: Improving service-to-cost performance and right sizing fixed and mobile service capacity

  • Utilization monitoring and tracking
  • Capacity optimization
  • Rate-plan optimization
  • Unused/under utilized service elimination
  • Technology upgrades/replacement


At audit level Intellibuzz do analysis of calling patterns to a comprehensive database of mobile and plans. Intellibuzz recommend plan which will be the best suitable for each employee, while considering the best synergistic fit for the company spending.

Market Floor Rate Plans & Contract Evaluation

optimiserGain valuable insight into market floor rates for your landline, data or mobile services like

  • Fixed wireline Voice, wireless mobile and Data circuits
  • Analog and digital lines
  • ISDN BRIs and PRIs
  • Wireless devices like data cards
  • All types of usage
  • Any associated charges, discounts, rentals
  • Non recurring and recurring charges
  • Valid and non-valid surcharges/taxes

Benefits & Deliverables

  • Hard cash savings of upto 33% on your recurring spend120px-Emblem-money.svg
  • Optimum utilization of plans
  • No need to switch carriers
  • Effective management of individual with plans
  • Recommendations are reviewed, approved, and implemented
  • Reports readily identify your opportunities for savings
  • Other deliverables like
    • Preliminary Audit Report
    • Telecom Cost Savings Report
    • What-if analysis Reports [before-after]
    • Invoice Summary Report