Nuvola_mimetypes_spreadsheetReporting is the process of generating reports and distributing information is critical to every Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Wireless Mobility Management (WMM) program. Reporting is a mechanism to demonstrate the value TEM and WMM programs provide to the organization and to offer needed insight into the telecom environment for many different stakeholders.

We provide detailed analytical reports for senior management and process own errors. These telecom reports are generated on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis including validation of telecom bills, authorizing bills for payment, providing accrual reports, traffic analysis, usage patterns, cellular bill plan changes, data circuit analysis, frame relay, and internet broadband usages and utilization analysis. These detailed reports have saved our clients millions.  Assessments:

  • Telephone bill consolidation
  • Traffic studies Circuit and Line Analysis Reports
  • Determine line usage – under provisioning or over provisioned lines, circuits, and networks
  • CABS auditing (Carrier Access Billing Systems)
  • CDR analysis (Call Detail Records)
  • CSR review and analysis (Customer Service Records)
  • Telecom cost management analysis and reporting
  • RFP, RFQ, RFI for telecom contract management and negotiation

Reporting & AnalysisNuvola_apps_kcmpartitions

Tools and technology supporting business intelligence and forensic analysis practices

  • Forensic/business analyst reporting
  • Financial performance reporting
  • Operational performance reporting
  • Technical performance reporting
  • KPI Dashboard reporting
  • Datamining
  • Ad-hoc reporting

Some Insightful MIS120px-Exquisite-kpresentor

From the set of our standar deliverables, which can be customised as per the needs of the customer, find below the most common type of reports requested by our customers in the service modules we offer.

  • Telecom Invoice Processing
    • Summary and Breakup report
  • Expense Reports
    • Reimbursement Report [COCP]
    • Location-wise
    • Cost-code
    • Grade-wise
    • New Users & Duplications
    • Telecom Spend Trend
    • Function-wise
  • Order Management Reports
  • Audit Reports
    • Dispute vs. Recovery
  • Preliminary Audit Assessment
  • Telecom Cost Savings
    • Vendor Comparison
  • Other Custom/Bespoke Reports

These reports are customized per the needs of the company..